My focus during our time together is


It's about you feeling comfortable enough

so that just for a moment

a little piece of your soul shines through.


I promise you, those are the photographs you will cherish the most.

The photographs that years from now you and your children will look at

and be reminded of just what that moment felt like.


Can you tell me more about your photography style?

My approach to photography is cozy, soulful, and nostalgic, with a focus on storytelling images that communicate connection.

I believe life cannot be reduced to a few simple and tidy truths. Life's journey is organic, chaotic, messy, raw, and (if we’re being honest) pretty damn scary. And yet it’s also filled with breathtaking beauty. Photographs should reflect this.

I always shoot to fit the scenery and the overall “vibe”. Photos will be bluer during “blue hour” after the sun goes down, and golden for golden hour. No place or outdoor lighting is exactly alike. I like to play around and keep my signature HUES while capturing your story how it is.

But like… make it more MAGICAL!


How many images do you deliver back? How long does it typically take to get my photos back?

You’ll receive a little sneak peek from your session, birth, or wedding within 24 to 48 hours, so you have something to share with family & friends while I work hard hand-selecting and editing the rest! For sessions of any type, my turnaround time is 2-4 weeks, birth stories are around 1-2 weeks, and for weddings & elopements, it's around 4-8 weeks. I love to keep you up to date with little texts, additional sneaks, and all the fun before your delivery so you’re not left hangin’! I appreciate your patience so much while I work hard to edit! With that said, each birth, wedding, & elopement all are different but I usually give back about 60 per hour and I promise to never withhold any of the good photos from you. Rush editing is also available as an add-on to your package.


What about bad weather?

I immensely encourage embracing whatever weather comes our way because in my opinion there is no such thing as bad weather! A little rain or fog only adds to the beauty of your experience. Dangerous weather, however, is a different story. We’ll either change locations or reschedule if we absolutely must. My cameras are weather-sealed so I don’t mind taking on some rain or snow.


How will we receive our photos? Can we print them ourselves?

All of your photos are carefully hand selected & delivered as high-res, digital files in an online custom gallery made for easy downloading + sharing! Please print them, share them, and ENJOY! All contracts include a print release, so you are free to print on your own! I also offer prints through a professional service which you can easily order straight from the gallery.


When is my payment due?


The 50% non-refundable retainer due at the booking to save the date,

The remaining 50% is due at the beginning of your scheduled session unless agreed upon otherwise in writing. You are more than welcome to pay ahead of time, or even in full if that is easier for you.


The 50% non-refundable retainer due at the booking to save the date,

The remaining 50% is due 1 month before the wedding.*

*If the date is booked less than 3 months before the wedding, 75% will be required as a retainer to book, with the remaining due a month before the wedding.

*Elopements booked under a month in advance will be required to pay in full at booking


The 50% non-refundable retainer due at the booking,

The remaining 50% is due prior to 38 weeks gestation before any on-call time starts.


What if I need to reschedule my session? Will I lose my retainer?

Being a mum myself I understand things happen out of our control, kids get sick, and sometimes you will have to reschedule.  If you give me more than 24 hours' notice we can transfer your deposit to another day that we agree upon. If I have less than 24 hours notice the deposit is nonrefundable and nontransferable, as unfortunately it's simply not enough time for me to rebook anyone within that time frame and it results in a loss of income for me and my family. If we decide to reschedule due to the weather your deposit will be transferred to another day that we agree upon.


We’re awkward in front of the camera…. What do we do?

Trust me, everyone feels awkward at first. I have a laid-back approach to documenting your day which makes it easier to relax and be yourself. I promise I'll do everything in my power to help you feel and look your best self. You can expect to run around, let your hair down, and laugh a whole lot & I'll take it from there! Every single person I’ve ever photographed has said they were awkward and couldn’t believe how they felt at the end of their session... bottom line - I got you!


What should we bring?

You won't need to bring much. Water is always handy to have especially in the hot summer months. If you have children then bring along anything they may need (nappies, snacks, etc.). If you've booked a baby session with me I can bring baby wraps, a beautiful basket bassinet, and other accessories.

Have a think about if there's anything you'd like to bring along to include in your session that may help tell your story. It could be a soft toy or blanket that your child goes nowhere without. Maybe dad plays guitar to the kids at home and you'd like to capture that.


Can you do mid-week sessions?

Of course, I really enjoy working during the week, as it means I can be home with my family on the weekend.

Sunrise and morning sessions are available on certain weekdays. I do have limited mid-week openings, so be sure to ask ahead of time.


Do you do retouching?

I'm a firm believer in keeping everything as natural as possible and celebrating you and your body just the way you are. I don't do any body retouching, however, I can clear skin from temporary blemishes/scratches, etc. I also don't alter scars as they make you who you are.


Do you offer multiday coverage?

Yes! Since I’m a storyteller, I want to tell the full deal – before, after and everything in-between. This type of coverage works well if you're having a homebirth, camping out with your friends the night before, traveling to a destination with your family, or backpacking to a spot for your adventure elopement.


Can we bring our pet?

Hell yeah! I always love including pets as they are a big part of the family too. All pups, cats, llamas, snakes, are more than welcome at photoshoots and completely encouraged!


Do you offer extended family sessions?

I do prefer not to offer extended family sessions. I love the effortlessness and natural flow of immediate intimate family sessions and it's hard to achieve those same feelings with bigger groups. However, every family is different so please discuss with me further if this is something you were after.

“If love is all you need - then we have it all”

Ready to tell your story?