“Be loud about the things that are important to you”

Wife. Mother. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Activist. Artist. Yogi.

These are just a few words that describe who I am and what drives my soul.

Hey there, I'm Jade!

I am 20 something years young with a passionate love for my family, Mother Earth, and my ever-growing crystal, plant & book collection. Usually, you'll find me coffee in hand and a toddler running wildly around me. In my free time, you can find me roaming around antique shops, practicing yoga, hiking a mountain, stargazing into the night, or simply at home rewatching outlander or reading a good ole fantasy novel.

Being a mama to two beautiful souls, who are my pride and joy, is the motivation behind what I do. Harper, my first, has a wild-hearted soul that has forever kept me on my toes. She is what reignited my passion for photography. Beckham has deepened my love for celebrating the sacred journey of birth & motherhood. Being able to document all of their adventures no matter how grand or subtle they may be, is a blessing I will forever be grateful for.

However, since becoming a mama I've realized just how little I get into the frame with my children. Prior to motherhood I likewise made little time to capture my relationship. We forget as parents that our children we'll want to see us too when they look back on their childhood as well as life before them. Nothing makes my heart beat faster than capturing the raw love: the stolen kisses between mama and her little one, the tickles from daddy, or the snuggles of a newly engaged couple… I am all about it!

a few of my favorite things

the ocean
full moons
starry nights

I'm not just a photographer that loves documenting the beautiful & unique raw chaos of everyday life. I'm my very own personal historian. Obsessed with documenting life, freezing time, and preserving a record of "the now" for days, years, and generations to come. Long after the sleepless nights have ended, our children stop asking to hold our hands, and toys are no longer littering the living room floor, I will have something to look back on and reminisce about.

A story of love, connection, and growth.

our own personal story told in pictures

Because of this, I try to keep sessions simple and reflective of you and your family with each session having its own unique features. Whether it is a love for hiking, playing in the rain, or just chilling at home playing video games, I want to focus on your identity. What makes yourself and your family, well.. your family.

I can capture your baby's bed hair as they wake and welcome the brand new day, those evening walks out with your dogs, or a backyard bonfire on those beautiful fall nights while you're cozy in blankets making s'mores.

Or maybe a lazy Sunday morning on the back deck with coffee in hand and your children exploring the untold stories of the backyard, possibly destroying that vegetable patch you worked so hard to not kill this year.

I can be there for that quiet Tuesday morning while you're nursing your baby and laying him down to rest, join you for a hike through your favorite wilderness trails, attend your child's first time eating that sugary goodness on their birthday, or tag along for a summer swim lesson.

I simply want to capture the raw love and emotion through my lens, to tell your story. A joyful and emotive experience as well as a lasting memory of a season in your life's journey.

It's your life, your story, your legacy.

Which one do you want to tell?